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Registration & Access

Please complete the online form to register for the South Australian Tourism Commission Media Gallery.

Expired user account: If your account has recently expired please email the Help Desk for assistance.

Forgotten password: If you have forgotten your password you can reset your password here.

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A lightbox allows you to create a gallery of images for considersation prior to placing an order.

You can share the contents of a lightbox with other Media Gallery registered users via email.

The recipient of a lightbox can view the images in the lightbox, but cannot download them until an order has been submitted and approved.

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The Ordering Process


When you are satisfied with your selection simply add the images to your basket.

To finalise your order click the Basket icon. Then click Order.

You will be asked to provide a short brief of how you intend to use the images you are requesting plus a description of how the project relates to promoting tourism in South Australia.

All orders that do not clearly state how their project relates to South Australian tourism will be placed on hold until the user provides further clarification.

You will receive an automatically-generated email when your order has been processed.

Video Content

Please note that a large portion of the video content showcased on the Media Gallery has strict usage restrictions.

For example, the right to utilise footage may be subjected to, playing a clip in its entirety, playing a clip with the original music and some video content is unable to be edited in any form.

These are just some examples of the restrictions that may apply.

All of the conditions and restrictions relating to the usage of video content is detailed in the Item Details section of the visual asset under the Notes heading.

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Technical Help

Cookies & Javascript

You must choose to accept cookies, to access the Media Gallery

How to set up cookies for MS Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
  2. Choose Override automatic cookie handling
  3. Choose Prompt for First-party Cookies
  4. Choose Prompt for Third-party Cookies

This setting will allow you either to accept or reject the cookies.


Javascript must be switched on to use the Media Gallery

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Downloading Images and Footage

Please note that you require a speciality image or video viewing program to download your images.

To download your images, select the Orders icon.

To the right of every Order is a Download link. Click the link to download the images.

If you have any issues downloading your Order please check your network connection and your internet service provider for any download restrictions.

If the problem persists please contact the Help Desk.

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Browser Compatability

For details of browser and platform compatibility, please see the Support Portal.

If you need assistance using the site after you have logged in please contact the Help Desk.

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